• Edgemont Festival Overture
    Grade 3
    Edgemont (NY) High School Wind Ensemble
    Alan Hollander
    Alfred Publishing (1997)
  • Waterdance
    Grade 3
    Herricks High School Wind Ensemble, New Hyde Park, NY
    Scott Stickley
    Belwin (1993)
  • Cross Creek
    Grade 2
    Hicksville (NY) High School Band
    Evan Feldman
    Belwin (1997) transcribed for full orchestra
  • Centennial
    Grade 3
    Hewlett (NY) High School Wind Ensemble
    Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Hewlett - Woodmere School District
    James Dragovich
    Belwin (1998)
  • On the Village Green
    Grade 3
    Lindenhurst (NY) High School Band
    Anthony Romeo
    Belwin (1999)
  • Skywalker
    Grade 2
    W.T. Clarke 6th grade Band
    East Meadow, NY
    Michelle Bellafatto
    Belwin (1999)
  • Prelude on an American Spritual
    Grade 3
    South Carolina Chapter Phi beta Mu
    For the South Carolina All State Band
    Carl Fischer (2001)
  • Quaere Verum (Seek the Truth)
    Grade 3
    Highland Secondary School (dedicated to Christopher Dean, Principal, on his retirement)
    Dundas, Ontario, Canada
    Carl Fischer (2002)
  • Eagle Lake March
    Grade 2
    Chapin Middle School, Chapin, South Carolina
    David Santiago
    Carl Fischer (2002)
  • Cloudsplitter
    Grade 3
    Cairo-Durham (NY) High School Band
    Dedicated to the memory of Roger Riccomini, Band director, 1998 - 2000
    Carl Fischer (2002)
  • Prairiesong
    Grade 4
    Wantagh (NY) High School Wind Ensemble
    Transcribed for Full Orchestra
    Mindy Dragovich
    Belwin (2003)
  • Tribute
    Grade 3
    Westhill High School Band, Stamford, CT
    John Puritz
    Carl Fischer (2003)
  • Dedication
    Grade 2
    Hommocks Middle School, Larchmont, NY
    Tom Jordan
    Carl Fischer (2003)
  • Cielo De Oro (Sky of Gold)
    Grade 4
    Brentwood (NY) High School Band
    Robert Dalpiaz
    Carl Fischer (2004)
    Cielo De Oro (Sky of Gold) refers to the hundreds of band trophies placed high on shelves above and surrounding the entire Brentwood band room.
  • In Their Honor
    Grade 4
    Tenneessee High School, Bristol, TN
    Kevin Herbert
    Belwin (2003)
    Dedicated to all those whose lives were forever changed by the events of 9/11/2001.
    "I met with the Band members and asked them for suggestions about how they felt the piece should be shaped. They suggested a title and I asked for anything else that might help me put the piece together. One young lady asked if I could include a number of different keys. When pressed, she suggested that maybe the theme could be played a bit higher each time, "like a ladder - so all the people who died could go to heaven” ... from the mouths of babes...
  • Tir Na Nog (An Irish Legend)
    Grade 4.5
    Sayville (NY) High School Wind Ensemble
    Peter Desalvo
    Carl Fischer (2004)
  • Haleakala (Fanfare for 4th of July Celebration)
    Grade 4
    Maui Community Band
    Lisa Owen
    Carl Fischer (2004)
  • Barnum Woods March
    Grade 2
    Barnum Woods Elementary School Band, East Meadow, NY
    Frank Bonasera
    Carl Fischer (2004)


  • Afton Variations
    Grade 3
    W. Tresper Clarke High School Band, Westbury, NY
    Paul Caputo
    Carl Fischer (2005)
  • Flight of the Phoenix
    Grade 2
    Woodland Middle School Band, East Meadow, NY
    John Marshall
    Carl Fischer (2005)
  • Glengarry Way
    Grade 3
    East Meadow (NY) High School Band
    Joel Levy
    Belwin (2005)
  • Fanfare for a Festival
    Grade 3
    2005 Maui Invitational Band Festival
    Carl Fischer (2005)
  • Nalukataq
    Grade 5
    Barrow (Alaska) High School Band
    Ronnie Stanford
    Belwin (2006)
    The Festival of Nalukataq (translates to “Blanket Toss”) marks the end of a successful whaling season on the North Slope of Alaska
  • Scenes from the Peconic
    Grade 3
    Riverhead (NY) High School Band
    Lee Hanwick
    Carl Fischer (2007)
    The scenic Peconic River originates in the Pine Barrens of eastern Long Island and flows into the Peconic bay.
  • Communion
    Grade 3
    East Paulding High School Band, Dallas, Georgia
    Ron Becton, Debbie Davis
    Belwin (2007)
    Dedicated to the memory of two of East Pauldings band members. Played as a warmup on the field and on stage by the East Paulding band, the hauntingly poignant “Be Thou my Vision” provided the thematic material for “Communion”.
  • Into the Wind
    Grade 3
    Herricks High School 9th Grade Band, New Hyde Park, NY
    Scott Dunn
    Carl Fischer (2007)
  • Flourish for a Celebration
    Grade 4
    Nassau Pops Symphony Orchestra
    Dedicated to the Town of Mineola (NY) Centennial Celebration
    Louis Panacciuli
    Transcribed for band
    Carl Fischer (2007)
  • Stargate 6
    Grade 2
    Silas Wood 6th Grade Band, South Huntington, NY
    Ron Stanton
    Carl Fischer (2008)
  • Fanfare and Patrol
    Grade 5
    Houston Concert Band, Houston TX - In Celebration of its 30th Anniversary
    Charles Throckmorton
    Carl Fischer
  • Longwood Celebration
    Grade 4
    Longwood High School Wind Ensemble (Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Longwood School District), Middle Island, NY
    John Gallagher
    Belwin (2009)
  • Broken Bow
    Grade 2
    Broken Bow (Nebraska) Middle School Band
    Bill Reichert
    Belwin (2010)
  • Polska Przeplatanka
    (Four Polish Folk Songs)

    Grade 3
    Long Island University Wind Ensemble - For their 2010 Eastern European Tour
    Dr. James McRoy
    Carl Fischer (2010)
  • Festive Tribute
    Grade 3
    Kealing Middle School, Austin, Texas
    Mark Gurgel
    Belwin (2011)
    Dedicated to the memory of Diane Gorzycki, band director and Supervisor of Fine Arts - Austin, Texas School District.
  • Fuego del Alma
    Grade 4
    Wantagh (NY) High School Wind Ensemble
    Mindy Dragovich, Dan Aviles
    Belwin (2011)
  • Desalvo (Salute)
    Grade 3
    Sayville High School Wind Ensemble, Sayville, NY
    Carl Fischer (2013)
    Dedicated to Peter Desalvo upon his retirement as band director

Choral with Wind Ensemble

  • Setting Sail - Freedom of the Spirit
    Based on text from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, Setting Sail was written for the 50th Anniversary of the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University
    Dr. James McRoy, Wind Ensemble
    Alex Dashnaw, Chorus
    Carl Fischer (2005)